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Squid Kid Hazel and Octo Child Sky are the best of friends, but in the past Sky used to have another friend: her roommate, the mysterious and brooding Agent Three. 

Sky hasn't seen or hear from her in months, so when Agent Three returns as suddenly as she left, Sky doesn't know how to react! Why did her roommate leave? Why did she come back? Why is she acting as if nothing happened??? 

Sky isn't sure how to ask these questions, but with her best friend Hazel by her side, the two are bound to solve the mystery that is Agent Three!


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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Very cute and funny! I really like this interpretation of Agent 3 and Agent 8! If you ever continue this project, I look forward to potentially reading it. :D


Thank you for the comment, I'm happy you enjoyed the comic! :> I don't think I'll make another full-blown Splatoon zine anytime soon, but I do post quick short comics featuring Sky (Agent 8) and Hazel (Agent 4) on my twitter here! https://twitter.com/i/moments/1035655560375554054 Now that Agent 3 has been introduced, she might appear in future short comics I post online :>